Paying Respects To Dr Vempati

He is the message of Kuchipudi from Lord Of Dance, Nataraja

Dr Vempati Chinna Satyam, Siddhendra Yogi that we have seen in our age and time, reached Lord Nataraja. Kuchipudi and Dr Vempati Chinna Satyam mean the same for many generations. He dedicated his entire life to the divine art form of Kuchipudi.

There is only way that his disciples, students and extended dance family can do, if any, to even partly repay what the Divine Master has given to them, or to pay respects to their Guru- By continuing his work and spreading the divine message through their dance, their teachings, and most importantly Master's principles.

A Note From Pranamya-
Today, on July 29th 2012, the earth stood still for a minute
Our heavy hearts and our silent thoughts linger in the stillness 
Our tears wash his feet
As His great soul reunites with Lord Nataraja, for He is a manifestation of the Lord Himself
Blessed are those who have lived a minute of their lives in his divine presence
Privilaged are those who have touched his feet once 
Fortunate are those who have danced his choreography

We are all worried ..not whether or not Kuchipudi will survive…but about the way it will survive
Many wonder if this is the end of an era
There was only one Master Garu.. even for those of us who have never learned under him
But for all the younger students, let this remind us all about the importance of unity that Master Garu has created amongst hundreds and thousands of students and art lovers all over the world
Let us try to live up to atleast a fraction of that spirit that he has envisioned
Let us try to put more emphasis on the value of the art, and its divinity

He is a legend not just because of only his art, his incredible vision, or service to Kuchipudi. He was an unselfish, simple man, who redefined what a “Guru” is and guided so many of the stalwards of Kuchipudi.
He will always remain in our hearts, be the pillar of strength, the divine grace, and a source of strength, courage and steadfastness in values, when we all face the legacy he has left us with.

Pranamya Suri- Kuchipudi Dancer
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Kala Vimarshana- July 2012

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Prahlada Vijayam- Kuchipudi Yakshaganam- July 2012

On Sunday, July 22nd, Vedantam Kalakshetra presented Prahlada Vijayam, a traditional kuchipudi yakshagana, choreographed by the late Sri. Vedantam Rattaiah Sharma. As expected, the Vedantam brothers, Sri Vedantam Raghava and Sri Vedantam Venkatachalapathi worked the stage with much ease, which is apparent from their years of experience. Vedantam Raghava made a majestic Hiranyakasipa, in all his prowess. Vedantam Venkat, played all the characters with the finesse and vigor that is trademark of the reputed family of artists. The program was accompanied by a melodious orchestra, from India:

1) Sri Dhandibhotla Srinivasa Venkata Sastry- vocal and nattuvangam
2)Sri Jayakumara Acharya - Mrudangam
3) Sri Bhimasankara Murali - Flute
4) Sri Sudhakar Rayaprolu- Veena

Kumari Neeharika (student of Vedantam Raghava), who played Prahlada stole the hearts of the audience, with her charming act. Kumari Sandhya was perfect in executing her technique, as were the other students of Vedantam Raghava.

Overall, the show was a treat to the eyes of all people present. Vedantam Kalakshetra (Houston, artistic director Vedantam Raghava) aims to promote the exquisiteness of Kuchipudi, with a main focus on yakshaganas. It is a unique approach that the kuchipudi world should be proud of. The show was organized by Mudra Foundation, and supported by NATS.

Note- Thanks to Pranamya :)