Vibha - Dhwani - Ragam Talam Layam - December 2018 - Bangalore

Vibha - Dhwani - Ragam Talam Layam
December 1st 2018, Saturday
Venue - CMRIT College Auditorium
Kuchipudi Dance
Abhinaya Vani Nritya Niketan
Guru Smt. Chavali Bala Tripura Sundari

South Indian Carnatic poets have reigned across kings’ courts and temples across the centuries, driving not just religious changes, but also social transformation.  In Dhwani, we celebrate a few such poets.  From the 12th century Purandara Dasa, known for setting the basic structure of current day Carnatic verses and 15th century pada-kavitha pitamaha Annamacharya to prolific Thyagaraja of the 18th century and the royal poet Swaathi Thirunaal of the 19th centrury, we present to you a range of the most impressive composers of our musical tradition.  We aim to bring them back to the 21st century through our instrumental and dance presentations at Dhwani.  Come experience the Ragam, Ralam and Layam!

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Kathak - Pallavi Degwekar Shaikh

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