CHAIR DANCE by SUMANA DAS- Converted my "Limitations into Innovation". Any Body Can Dance - February 2019

My 'Chair Dance" journey started with thinking that if I can't change the situation, may be I can change the lookout and do things differently to achieve my goals and keep my passion alive. That is how I CREATED MY OWN CONCEPT OF CHAIR DANCE and its been 8 months now that I am performing dance on a chair. It was certainly difficult for me to come up in public in a different way, I took a lot of courage and posted my first video in PULA (FaceBook group for Ladies in Pune). 
Each and everyone showered love to me and that encouraged me from inside that, YES I still can dance. I get immense happiness when people say that I encourage them, motive and inspire them. However, it wasn't always a smooth journey as well. Many people criticize my form of dance. They have commented very negatively on my dance posts and being a human I do feel bad at times. However I am determined to continue and I shall always count on my blessings. My own concept of Chair Dance has given me a 'Ray of Hope'. I have converted my "limitations into Innovation".

My Dance Facebook Page (Any Body Can Dance) link below:
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Few of my Dance Videos Link are as below:
1)    (Dedicated to the person whom I love the most, Baba (Father)
2)    (Lag Ja Gale song)
3)    (Swalla song)
4)     (Kahna song)
5)   (Anondo Dhara Bohiche Bhubone- Bengali song)
6)     (Despacito song)
7)     (Ye Jamin Rukh Jaaye song)

My motto is to make people aware that we can still achieve our dreams. I understand how it feels when one can't get the things in life which one wants it badly. I would love to teach dance to the children and elderly people (wheel chair patients). Dance has several benefits including mind, body healing. I would be very happy if I can make a difference by giving happiness to others. 
Food for an artist is support and therefore all I need is everyone’s support. Please join my Facebook Dance Page, Subscribe to my YouTube channel. I definitely want to reach maximum people and spread happiness by sharing dance and joy together.   
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Narthaki Nataraj - Pic Courtesy

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