What you can contribute?

1. Reports/ Reviews and pictures of classical dance programs that you attended
2. Classical dance related topics.
3. Events notifications, invitations.
4. Information relating to dance schools.
5. Other relevant topics that include classical dance(r)s and contemporary dance, books, music, personalities, etc.
6. Your feedback and suggestions for the dance blogsite.

1*Send to priyalasya@hotmail.com
2*Your contributions to be Legal and must maintain adequate professional standards
3* Indicate whether your name be added or not. Please note that a general "contributor" tag is added if desired and appropriate.
4* Please circulate to known/ reputed people, the above mail id
5* Actual publishing may be delayed. There is no assurance that all the contributions would be posted.
6* By contributing - you know you are solely responsible for all the issues/matters pertaining to the contribution in all ways.
7* Most material is procured only for posting in this priyalasya blog/site. May be used for promoting classical dances.
8*Editing is either done or not done based on the situation. In case you specifically want the articles to be proof-read, edited etc. the articles would/may take time to publish.
9*Forward credits for pictures and other accompaniments and it is only after you have approval from the concerned person in writing that you forward. This is the understanding by implication.

Some Contributors:

Vinatha Kumar
Kedar Mishra
Jagabandhu Jena
Shubha Nagaraan
Pandithar Sivakumar
Ananda Shankar Jayant
Lalitha Sindhuri